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Tory_image I would highly recommend Mark “The Land Geek’s” training program over any other I have found. Mark is the most honest and knowledgeable mentor I have had the pleasure to work with. Having been a huge success in this very unique and profitable business for over 11 years has provided Mark the experience and expertise needed to answer any and all questions relating to seller finance, contract for deed, how to find land, how much to pay, how to sell land for cash profits and most importantly, what land you should NEVER buy to keep you from losing your money.

Even if you are experienced in real estate, I know for a fact that mistakes made trying to learn this on your own would cost far more money and time than the small amount you’ll pay for Mark’s training program.

Tory Burningham – Draper UT

william_hayneworth_picMark Podolsky’s More Buyers Than You Can Handle program has been a great source of information to find buyers for my properties. The techniques used in Mark’s program are easy to implement with no special training need. Trust me when I say If I can do this you can do this.

Mark has opened the vault on this one and the information can be applied to any business in need of buyers.  Thank you for creating a product that has eliminated all guessing and saved me the hassles of trial and error.

William Haynesworth – Killeen Texas