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Tesla Will Change Everything in N. Nevada

By: Mark Podolsky | September 8, 2014

tesla_gigafactoryThis is an abbreviated article from http://www.rgj.com/story/money/business/2014/09/07/tesla-envisioning-impacts-life-nevada/15233391/

Read this abbreviated article and then tell me investing in raw land in Northern Nevada isn’t going to be a great long term investment…

It will be a few years before Tesla Motors’ massive – as in five million square feet – battery gigafactory is visible in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center 17 miles east of Sparks.

But the coming changes to the landscape of daily life in greater Reno-Sparks are already taking shape in the minds of those awaiting what TRIC partner Lance Gilman says will be a “new Comstock Lode” for the region.

Many details are yet to come. But from roads to planes, housing, shopping and schools, the footprint from the tens of thousands of employees at the gigafactory and the ancillary businesses it will spawn will surely be huge. Read More

Billionaire Sam Zell Warning

By: Mark Podolsky | September 4, 2014

Billionaire Sam ZellAccording to billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell: Robots will take over entry-level jobs.  He says raising the minimum wage could lead to robots taking over entry level jobs, which could stunt the employment cycle, Zell told CNBC in a wide ranging interview.

“You start talking about a $13 or a $15 minimum wage, and you’re going to have robots that are operating McDonald’s.” Based on Zell’s logic, if minimum wage increases double the cost of doing business “there’s no question that everybody will figure out ways to use less people,” he said .

“When you got a demand issue it’s hard to imagine the stock market at an all-time high.” Citing international concerns that investors apparently are ignoring judging by the continued climb higher in stocks, Zell said the Ukraine-Russia standoff and Islamic radicals starting to take hold of many parts of the Middle East are concerns.

“I don’t remember any time in my career where there have been as many wildcards floating out there that have the potential to be very significant and alter people’s thinking,” he said. Read More

Is Zillow full of Zhit?

By: Mark Podolsky | August 29, 2014

zestimateEver  been on the site Zillow.com and received a zestimate for your house and then headed straight for the freezer in a deep depression looking for the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

I know I have… Plus, people check out raw land on zillow as well and call me with crazy stories.

Nevertheless, research shows that, on average, those ‘Zestimates’ are within 5 percent of the actual value of a home just half of the time.”  Nice job Zillow!

Let’s be fair to Zillow though… They defend Zestimates, saying they have not only improved in recent years (most realtors agree) but that they now are similar to what you’d get from a human real estate agent.

However, your local real estate agent will argue they provide services far beyond just pricing a home: assistance in negotiation, help with marketing and priceless peace of mind. Read More

A Lot of People Don’t Understand What an Investment Really Is. Do You?

By: Mark Podolsky | August 25, 2014

eatingmoney An Investment Will Rise in Value

It’s important to understand that the value of an investment is expected appreciate or rise in value over time. It’s a tried and true sales technique to convince a buyer that what’s being sold is an investment when really, it may not be. Here’s the rule of thumb: If the item is expected to depreciate or lose value over time, it is a capital expenditure, not an investment.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t useful reasons to buy an expensive suit, a new car, or updated kitchen appliances. Those types of purchases will lose value over time, but they make life enjoyable or could even enhance a professional reputation (because in some industries clothes really do make the man). However, a buyer should know if they’re purchasing with the intent to make money in the long run, or if they’re splurging because they want to enjoy the utility of the item.

Examples of investments that one could expect to rise in value over time include corporate stocks, mutual funds, real estate (like raw land), and precious objects like art, jewels, or collectibles.

An Investment May Also Generate Income

Sometimes an investor is less interested in the capital appreciation of an investment and more concerned with the income potential it can provide. That doesn’t mean that income generating investments won’t rise in value over time (the most attractive investments do both).

Examples of income generating investments include corporate stocks that offer a dividend payment, bonds (corporate, government, or municipal), and real estate bought for rental income.

Most important, though, is how you can use an investment strategy to get what you want out of life, or to get where you want to go. Here’s how to use an investment strategy to build the life of your dreams. Read More

Your Legacy

By: Mark Podolsky | August 13, 2014

ripples Robin Williams committed suicide at the age of 63.  WTF?!?!?!?  That’s how scary depression can be.  No matter what our version of success may be, to a depressed person it means nothing.  What a loss for all of us to lose a comedic genius.

Nevertheless, life is truly short. We never know when we’ll take our last breath or when death will come knocking on our door.  Every moment is precious.  Yet, those moments are fleeting and often we don’t even realize we are losing them as we are so distracted with the busyness and stress of life.

For those of us wise enough to slow down, take a breath, and reflect is there a better legacy to leave your family than land?  Low maintenance, can’t be destroyed and could one day make them extremely wealthy when development comes to the area.

If you are on the fence whether or not you should invest in land ask yourself what other investment you could leave your heirs that they can physically enjoy, don’t have to worry about and can improve or one day sell for a tremendous profit. Read More

Why I love land investing

By: Mark Podolsky | August 1, 2014
land investing

land investing

Why do I love land investing and investments?  Because I love simplicity.  I love not having headaches of worrying about tenants or termites, or toilets.  It’s hassle free and I can improve it any way I imagine. It doesn’t depreciate.  The supply cannot be inflated.  Demand has been growing for centuries.  It doesn’t go out of style or become obsolete.  Go ahead and use it.  You’ll never use it up or wear it out.  And when you’re through with it, you can pass it on to the next generation.

Plus, land relatively speaking,  is very inexpensive to hold long term.

So dear land investor, why do you love land investing?  I love this clip of the Office where Dwight is mad at Michael and he screams and “You don’t own land!”

Read More

Billion Dollar Opportunity

By: Mark Podolsky | July 29, 2014

colorado opportunity

Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  No matter where you stand on this issue  you can’t deny the economic impact that this legislation will have on the state of Colorado. In fact, economists predict that over $1 billion will flow into the local economy.  That’s a lot of weed!   How can a land investor take advantage of this opportunity?

First of all, it’s important to recognize when an opportunity exists, and the different options an investor has at their disposal.   In our case, we can invest in inexpensive raw land knowing that marijuana growers may need this property to expand their operations or as a long-term investment in an area we know for certain is growing more affluent!

It’s pure speculation to invest in the actual companies that grow and distribute marijuana.  With government involvement and high taxes the jury is still out whether or not being in this business is a  smart entrepreneurial move.  Nevertheless,  we know with certainty that the economy has a new and high demand product. Read More

Land For Sale In Nevada On Easy Terms

By: Mark Podolsky | May 22, 2013
Nevada Land For Sale

Looking For Land For Sale In Nevada?

Are you looking for land for sale in Nevada?  Would you like an iron-clad guarantee?  Either you love the land or we refund you!  Wouldn’t it great if you wanted to invest in land for sale in Nevada to be pre-approved for financing?  We take the pain and hassle out of acquiring land for sale in Nevada.

We have 40-120 acre parcels available of land for sale in Nevada.  Our property features mountain views, easy access, privacy and excellent water.  Plus, we will hire our local surveyor to show you exactly how to find your rural property.

If you prefer power and water views we also have 1.25 and 2.50 acre parcel of land for sale in Nevada in the Humboldt River Ranch Association.  You can stay in the cabins while you build.  Or just use it as an investment and enjoy all of the amenities in the Association. Read More

Why We Use A Land Contract When Financing Our Land

By: Mark Podolsky | May 20, 2013

Why We Think A Land Contract is better than a handshake

land contract

Why we use a land contract

Are you intimidated by all the legalese in today’s real estate contracts?  If so, not to worry.  We use a land contract because of its simplicity and the fact that we don’t have to ruin your credit if we have to foreclose.

What’s a land contract you ask?  It’s simple.  A land contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller of property in which the buyer makes payments toward full ownership (as with a mortgage), but in a land contract, the title or deed is held by the owner until the full payment is made. This type of contract is technically not a legally binding agreement and, therefore, many different types of payment formats can be found.

As in a standard mortgage, there is an agreed upon price and payment schedule, but the payments are often not amortized evenly, so that a large balloon payment may be required to complete the purchase. Also known as an installment purchase contract or an installment sale agreement.

Often, you’ll see a more standard lien with a deed of trust.  However, if you miss a payment with a deed of trust, then the seller has to go to court, file a foreclosure action and literally wreck your credit for 10 years.  A house investment usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but raw land may not even cost a thousand dollars!  As a result, we don’t believe we should encumber the property with a deed of trust when a land contract can provide the buyer more flexibility. Read More

Rural Land For Sale

By: Mark Podolsky | May 17, 2013
Rural Land For Sale

We have rural land for sale

Are you looking for rural land for sale at the best possible prices?  However, you don’t want to buy property sight unseen over the internet right?  That’s why we have our 90 day extra research guarantee.  This gives you 3 full months to plan a trip and enjoy your property.  If you don’t love it, we either exchange for property you do love or simply refund you.  No questions asked!

I remember buying my first piece of rural land for sale in New Mexico.  I went to a local tax sale auction.  I was so nervous because I knew land was a valuable asset, but I didn’t know how much to pay and what I would do with it once I owned it!  Nevertheless, I bought over 10 1/2 acre parcels of rural land for sale and was completely surprised to find out how valuable my parcels were!  They had great road access, privacy, mountain views and fresh air.   There were no building restrictions or nosy neighbors.  I flipped 5 for a quick profit, and then kept the other 5 for my kids.

As Ted Turner is famous for saying, “Land is the only thing that lasts.”  I’m so proud of the fact I bought rural land for sale to leave as a legacy for my three children.  They can improve the rural land, grow crops, build on it, or just use it recreationally!  The rural land for sale that I bought is only limited by my imagination. Read More

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