About Mark Podolsky

In 2001, Frontier Properties founder Mark Podolsky was an Investment banker with a crazy high-pressure lifestyle in Phoenix.

Like several of his colleagues, Mark liked the idea of investing in real estate. So the next time he earned a commission check, Mark went down to a tax sale auction at the county. He ended up buying a property with a commission from a big deal… and what’s more, Mark put everything he had into buying land in New Mexico.

“My wife thought I was crazy, he says, but I told her, ‘at least we own land.”Sure enough, Mark was able to sell all his New Mexico property at a profit. Even better, Mark was soon able to quit his job to go into the real estate business full-time.

If you are serious about earning money from buying and selling land, Mark has created a personal blueprint to show you exactly how to generate $20,000 a month in the Land Buyers Elite Coaching Program.

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Our land comes with a 100% Satisfaction,
100% Money Back 90 Day Guarantee.

When you purchase land from Frontier Properties you are a protected by a 100% money back 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied that this land is what we told you it was we will refund your money in full or exchange it for any other land in our portfolio. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are completely protected when you purchase rural land through Frontier Properties.