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Why Invest in Raw Land?
Are you worried about long-term financial security? Are you concerned about the roller-coaster stock market? Do you want a beautiful, remote getaway to escape to? Are you looking for a simpler homesteading lifestyle?
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Whether you’re looking for a solid investment vehicle, a rural homestead, or a hedge against inflation, rural real estate from Frontier Properties could be your answer.
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What our customers are saying

Working over the Internet, sight unseen, can be risky and stressful. Frontier Properties was professional, trustworthy and dedicated to making the buying process a simple, quick but comprehensive experience. I trust that what I think I am buying is what I am actually buying.

Carla Beck, Chicago, IL

I have purchased land all over the country by way of land contract. Mark is by far the most honest and helpful of them all. From now on If I find something of interest I will let him know and then buy it from him. It’s extremely hard to find someone this trustworthy.

~ P. Adam Merritt, Williamstown, NY

Mark of Frontier Properties is one of the best business people I have ever bought land from. Their paperwork is quick and easy to understand. When they say 100% satisfaction, they mean it! I have experienced it first hand and will never hesitate to purchase again. Your investment is safe with Frontier Properties.

~ Mike Casanova, Lehigh Acres, Fl.